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Washington Watch

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pod casts on politicians and the mess they made

Economic Collapse—u tube links, congress lady on Wall Street bails out. great overview of the banking crunch, by


On McCain and Obama McCain voted consistently for deregulation, confirmation of the saying, show me a politician and I’ll show you a liar Ralph Nader on Obama’s bad voting record on regulation, etc. 


WAR FRAUD Sen. Byron Dorgan on war fraud You Tube, index at /index.php, a collection of over 200 pod casts.  


VOTER FRAUD, news cast on how the election was stolen. Palast & Kennedy intro pod cast.  There will be a download of their 24 page comic book by the 1st of October  



JUST FOR FUN Diebold releases 2008 results in April. collapse of Anti-Bush industry news cast, very professional

This is one of the most entertaining (musical cartoons) websites mostly on current events—middle of the road.   A fun one that sings out musically the consequences of outsourcing

FREE DOCUMENTARIES Excellent collection of films for free; over 80 including Sicko by Michael Moore.  


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link to political cartoon site