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Economic Collapse—u tube links, congress lady on Wall Street bails out. great overview of the banking crunch, by


On McCain and Obama McCain voted consistently for deregulation, confirmation of the saying, show me a politician and I’ll show you a liar Ralph Nader on Obama’s bad voting record on regulation, etc. 

WAR FRAUD Sen. Byron Dorgan on war fraud You Tube, index at /index.php, a collection of over 200 pod casts.  


VOTER FRAUD, news cast on how the election was stolen. Palast & Kennedy intro pod cast.  There will be a download of their 24 page comic book by the 1st of October  



JUST FOR FUN Diebold releases 2008 results in April. collapse of Anti-Bush industry news cast, very professional

This is one of the most entertaining (musical cartoons) websites mostly on current events—middle of the road.   A fun one that sings out musically the consequences of outsourcing


COUNTRY JOE IS BACK WITH A NEW SONG - CHECK IT OUT! large collection of music links, (right click then open links in new window)., large collection of antiwar song links, various artists including Neil Young at hard rock songs, the Justice Through Music site, links to songs, plus lots of links about 20 pod cast political satire and music, comedy, etc. Air America Radio


Political & economics: a site given to current critical news of president and congress with copious links to articles supporting their criticisms. an investigative news site with noted reporters covering primarily the Bush administration and their war on truth., Current Tax Issues, a serious look at the government giveaway to the rich and corporations. an excellent account of the tax cut of Bush and the resulting deficit. An excellent source on British history, and thereby on trade union movement, socialism, parliament, and much, much, more a current-events site critical of the actions of the U.S. government. an instructive evaluation of  Marx’s economic theory, and recent developments in Marxist economics.  Part of an on line textbook on economics.   Based on lecture notes for Drexel courses in Economics by Roger A. McCain. Large library on war industry Similar

ECONOMICS & POLITICAL  a conservative Washington organization that has been issuing slanted, scholarly studies for decades.   represents consumer interest in Congress and courts; advocacy and drug articles.  on how our government gives charity to the rich and business.  Great links and concise articles.  large library of political films, most over 60 minutes—great link.  excellent collection of current news about the various indigenous socialist movements and other articles a pro-labor monthly magazine with left-liberal articles on much more  the Karl Marx library.   excellent collection of articles on economics and politics.  There one on NAFTA at Seven is eye-opening.  cannabis, usage in Jamaica, and a great collection of links news on government spending.  an excellent liberal news source with daily updates plus current events articles.  they do serious research on human development and publish it in books, there is a data section and some good links.  An excellent alphabetical listing of new age terms with humorous definitions. gets to the core problem of the marriage of politicians and big business via the purse.


link to political cartoons
link to political cartoons

Teddy Roosevelt's advice that, "We must drive the special interests out of politics. The citizens of the United States must effectively control the mighty commercial forces which they have themselves called into being. There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains."

FREE DOCUMENTARIES Excellent collection of films for free; over 80 including Sicko by Michael Moore.