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Free, Popular elections—98% turn out—round 2 on 10/28/7


Second Round of Cuban Elections on Sunday




Havana, Oct 25(acn) Nearly 3,000 districts all over Cuba, where no candidate reached the stipulated amount of votes, will go to a second round of elections this Sunday, October 28.

In the province of La Habana, 152 districts in the 19 municipalities will open Sunday. In the first round, over 98 per cent of voters elected 968 delegates to the Popular Power's municipal assemblies, more than half of them re-elected.

In the central
province of Camaguey, 530 kilometers east of the capital Havana, 245 out of 1,010 districts will open for the second round on October 28.

The technical support and the electoral commissions are ready for the next round.


95.4% of voters cast their ballots
• 8,174,350 citizens go to the polls to elect their People’s Power delegates, according to preliminary information

MORE than 8,174,350 Cubans exercised their right to vote on Sunday, October 21, choosing their delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power, a figure that represents the equivalent of 95.44% of voters.

In a press conference on Monday, Marķa Esther Reus, president of the National Electoral Commission, said that those preliminary figures could become higher. She added that on Sunday the 28th, there would be a second round of voting in the 2,971 voting districts where none of the candidates received more than 50% of the vote.

She added that in this election, 12,265 citizens were elected as delegates; 3,288 are women, which is 26.81%; 2,053 are young people, which is 16.74%; and 5,776 of acting delegates were re-elected, a figure of 47.09%.

The likewise minister of justice described elections in Cuba as a mass event, given the active, enthusiastic and disciplined participation of the population. She also highlighted the level of preparation and security of the entire process.

Even in the eastern provinces, she noted, where the heavy rainfall affected communications and access, the elections went smoothly thanks to the search for alternative ways of meeting those challenges.

Reus explained that the final results of this first round would be provided soon, because they were yet to be reconciled against official, public and computerized voter information.

In the name of the National Electoral Commission, she congratulated the entire people, the 190,000 people designated as electoral authorities and those who worked as auxiliary personnel at every level, and with their efforts guaranteed that once again, Cuba’s elections were held with transparency and democracy.

Responding to questions from foreign reporters, Marķa Esther Reus noted that one-third of the candidates nominated by the people were not members of the Communist Party of Cuba, and that party membership is not a requirement for being nominated.

In response to another question, she explained that religious affiliation is also not recorded, because any Cuban man or woman, regardless of their religious beliefs, may be elected as a People’s Power delegate.

She also noted that the date for electing delegates to the Provincial Assemblies of People’s Power and deputies to the National Assembly (Parliament) would be announced at the appropriate time.

Translated by Granma International

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